Aegis Maritime Solutions
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Aegis Maritime Solutions utilizes only the most qualified
operatives for its maritime operations force.  We are always
looking for hardworking, well qualified personnel to fill our

Personnel from the following areas are highly desirable at

  • Naval Special Operations
  • Delta Force
  • Force Recon
  • Scout Sniper
  • Royal Marines
  • Army Rangers
  • Para Rescue
  • FBI
  • Law Enforcement
  • Military Combat Medics

Desirable skills sets we need are:
  • Divers
  • Ship Engineers
  • Helicopter Pilot (R44)
  • Legal
  • Admin Services
  • Certified Maritime Communication Experts
  • ISPS Ships Security Officer (SSO)
Do You Have What It Takes?
You may contact Aegis Maritime Solutions at the link below to
inquire about any job opportunities that might be available.
Aegis Maritime Solutions